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LASU Declares Certificate Found at 'Suya' Spot Invalid

The Lagos State University (LASU) has addressed the situation regarding a certificate found at a 'suya' spot, clarifying that the certificate in question is invalid due to a spelling error.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, LASU management explained that the certificate, belonging to an engineering graduate, was invalidated on February 25, 2013, because the graduate’s surname was incorrectly spelled as "ABISOYE" instead of "ABIOYE." Despite the invalidation, a new certificate with the correct surname was issued and collected by the graduate on September 30, 2014.

"The University, having recovered the certificate on November 21, 2018, wishes to make the following clarifications: The certificate in question exists but was invalidated on February 25, 2013, because the graduate’s surname was incorrectly written as ABISOYE instead of ABIOYE," the statement read.

According to LASU, their policy mandates that invalidated certificates should be shredded immediately after re-issuance. However, an oversight resulted in the invalidated certificate entering the public domain.

"The invalidated certificate got into the public space due to improper screening of office waste papers prior to disposal," the statement concluded.

This incident gained public attention when the certificate, belonging to Abisoye Azeez Oluwaseun who graduated with Second Class Honours (Upper Division) in Chemical and Polymer Engineering, was used to wrap 'suya' and a man who received it sought to connect with the certificate’s owner via social media.

LASU’s response highlights the need for stricter adherence to disposal protocols to prevent such occurrences in the future.
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