"I Was Given 6 Pints of Blood" - Bar. Natasha Appreciates God as She Recalls Traumatic Experience During Child Dedication


Barr. Natasha H Akpoti-Uduaghan, the Kogi Central PDP senatorial candidate, and her husband, Chief Emmanuel Oritsejolomi Uduaghan, celebrated the dedication of their son, Prince Reign Emmanuel, on Sunday.

During the dedication ceremony, Natasha shared her harrowing experience during childbirth, expressing gratitude to God for her survival.

Recalling the traumatic moments, Mrs. Uduaghan revealed that she required six pints of blood and feared for her life.

She vividly remembered telling her husband to take care of their son if she did not survive the ordeal in the delivery room.

Sharing her journey, she said, “About two months ago, I survived a ghastly motor accident that left me with facial fractures and stitches.

Today, we gather to celebrate the dedication of our son, Prince Reign Emmanuel Toritsemotse Otuoze Uduaghan, who will turn one next week Wednesday.”

Reflecting on her challenging pregnancy, Natasha mentioned that she contested for the Kogi State PDP senatorial primary election while carrying her child.

She recalled experiencing contractions during the primary election and expressing her concerns to God due to the high-risk nature of her pregnancy at her age.

Recounting the day of her son’s birth, Natasha revealed the critical condition she faced. After undergoing a C-section, she felt weak and unable to hold her baby.

Concerns escalated when doctors discovered excessive bleeding and rushed her into the theater.

Fearing for her life, Natasha shared that she thought she would not survive, leaving her husband with the responsibility of caring for their son.

Grateful for her survival, Natasha expressed her gratitude to God, emphasizing that she and her baby were both survivors. She acknowledged the challenges they faced but remained thankful for everything.

The dedication ceremony served as a testament to the strength and resilience of the family, as they celebrated their son’s milestone while acknowledging the miraculous gift of life.


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Inspiring quest there. What occurred after? Take care!

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