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Court Sentences Siyaka to Death for Murder of Ex-Lover Aisha Oyamine


The Kogi State High Court of Justice in Obangede has sentenced Mr. Siyaka Audu Obe to death by hanging for the murder of his ex-lover, Aisha Oyamine Aminu. The judgment, delivered by Justice Aminu A., was announced today and followed a highly publicized case that drew significant public and societal outcry.

Mr. Siyaka was accused of murdering Aisha, who was handicapped, on June 7, 2023, over a financial conflict. The case, given its complexity and human interest, underwent thorough investigation before being brought to court. Justice Aminu found Siyaka guilty of culpable homicide and stated that he has the option to appeal the decision within the next ninety days.

The Association of Persons with Disabilities in Kogi Central has expressed satisfaction with the court’s ruling. In an interview with Jatto 102.7 FM correspondent Awwal Suleiman, the association’s President, Comrade Yakub Nazir Abdulhakeem, and Media Publicity Secretary, Comrade Abdulhakeem Onimisi, praised the judiciary and the state government for their support in delivering justice. They described the judgment as well-deserved and encouraged their members to voice out any difficulties they encounter, reaffirming their commitment to defending their members’ rights.

The deceased’s aunt, Mrs. Musa, also expressed her heartfelt gratitude to God, the Association of People with Disabilities in Kogi Central, the general public, the state government, media organizations, and the judiciary for their support throughout the case.

This news was reported by Jatto FM’s News Desk, with Senior Correspondent Awwal Suleiman providing the details.

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